10 Best Practices for Website Security

Website security is important so you won’t have to worry about hackers getting into your system. It is time to follow a few best practices for website security. Here are some of them:

Use Strong Passwords

If you are not used to strong passwords then you can always write them down on your phone until you remember the passwords. The stronger the passwords are, the harder it would be for anyone to guess them. Besides, those close to you can actually guess your passwords and they could be right.

Scan for Malware

Believe it or not, it is actually free to scan your computer for malware. Most of the time, you already have a program installed on your computer that will do it for you. When that happens, you can basically clean your computer from previous errors and blacklists. This is important if you browse the Internet all the time.

Backup your Website

You should always think of the worst scenario which is your website being hacked. When that happens, you will lose everything. Of course, that won’t happen if you have a backup. If you use WordPress, then you can easily have a backup.

Setup Login Lockdown

This is the feature of your website that blocks anyone from being able to log in when he enters the password wrong a bunch of times. This would certainly discourage anyone from trying to log in to your website considering the circumstances. Nobody would want to dedicate a lot of time just trying to log in to a website.

Make Frequent Software Updates

We all know how these update pop-ups can be annoying at times. The fact of the matter is that these updates will help your computer one way or the other. Besides, these updates don’t take too much of your time so better do the update while you have the chance. The up[dates were made to counter cyber attacks so you know you are in good hands.

Change Passwords Frequently

Always mark your calendar the date when you would want to change your password. When that happens, you should do it when the time is right. Besides, it would only take a few days for hackers to know about your background so the sooner you change your password, the better it would be for everyone involved.

Monitor Frequently

If there are some suspicious activities being done on your website or computer then you must act quickly. For example, if the website’s traffic suddenly drops in a huge way then you know something is up. Also, you should do something if the website frequently freezes and crashes.

Hire Security Consultants

Even if these people charge a lot of money, you can rest assured you will feel a bit confident that your passwords are secure.

Encrypt Data

Those who are not authorized to access your data won’t be able to access it. Thus, there is a lesser chance of getting hacked.

Be Proactive

Always be updated with the latest methods of hackers so you can be aware of how to counter them.

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