Website Basics: Design, Hosting and SSL Certificates

What is Web Design?

In simple words, web design focuses more on the visual design and graphics or aspects of any website in particular on the internet. It could be considered an art of its own as it requires the correct arrangement of content and further planning in order to share a functional and aesthetical product with the rest of the world.

Web design is something that requires a lot of attention and expertise since it is one of the pillars of having an online presence on the internet, something fundamental for businesses, as nowadays there are millions of websites that offer valuable information or products on the internet, and hundreds of them might share the same content/value with others, meaning that the most pleasing and aesthetical to the user will take the crown.

What is Web Hosting and Why Is It So Important?

Web hosting is a special type of service that provides the required technologies and support to host a certain website on the internet. A host is what will keep the website working at all moments, and the way it works is kind of simple as the websites are stored on special computers called “servers” that provide the content to the rest of the internet whenever someone wants to access the website by typing the domain or website address into any desirable web browser.

The reason why web hosting businesses are crucial nowadays is mainly because they are responsible for keeping the websites afloat so that anyone can visit the content of any particular website whenever is wanted.

Domain Names: What are those?

Lately, domain names were mentioned, and they are crucial as they are a kind of unique name or address that allows users to find the website that holds such domain. People tend to confuse URLs and domain names, thinking that they are the same thing, but in reality, an URL is the whole address information while the domain name could be (or should be to make things less confusing) an abbreviated form of the business or website name so that it can be found without having to type the whole URL (which is partially impossible to remember on one take).

Domain names are essential since they provide the following:

  • Effective branding to the business as it helps communicate with other projects.
  • Credibility as it will look more professional.
  • Memorability as domain names allows any user to find websites without having to rely on URLs.
  • Custom email addresses product of being the owner of such a domain (normally provided by the web hosting businesses).

What is Email Hosting?

It is a service that rents and operates with email servers that are more technologically capable than traditional email services like the ones provided by Google. This is excellent for businesses or users that present high traffic of emails on a regular basis. Normally, the emails of email hosting will rely on email addresses that contain the domain name, just like explained before.

SSL Certificates: A Remarkable Authentication Certificate

They are digital certificates that can authenticate any website identity and also provides certain quirks like encrypted connections. Its name stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which is nothing more than a security protocol that can create encrypted links between servers and browsers to make the user protected against any threat that could be targeting users’ transactions and personal information.

In some countries, it is mandatory for businesses and organizations to have an SSL Certificate on their websites.

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